Your Design Shrink     

Our on-site meeting will give you the opportunity to discuss your needs and get our answers and guidance to any specific questions or problems you're facing. We'll help you define how to best achieve your goals before investing large amounts of effort and money, as well as identify any potential pitfalls you might not be anticipating.

Everyone has a budget and we'll give you direct input on how to maximize your budget and prioritize and phase the project, if necessary, and look for ways to stretch your $ to get the most bang for your buck.

Our Design Shrink meeting gives you tangible direction and information whether you want our help with your project or you'd like to proceed on your own. It's also a great chemistry check if you choose to hire us to move forward. Since we apply the full cost of the Design Shrink to our design service, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Our approach?

  • We'll be honest and direct even if it hurts...a little... 😯
  • We're not selling you anything. (Who doesn't hate sales calls?!) You've got our ears, eyes and expertise to help you solve any problems you're facing, including ones you haven't realized yet. You'll receive the necessary input and guidance so you can make decisions and take the next steps. And, yes, we may leave you with lots to think about!
  • You know how you want to live and what you'd like to change about your home. We give you a clear path to get there. 


Includes a 1.5-2 hour meeting at your home to identify your design priorities and plan to move forward.