A picture is worth a thousand words. Based on your Design Shrink assessment, we'll develop a custom design just for you. Our Design Blueprint includes the complete comprehensive design, down to every detail, to allow you to see the space of your dreams upfront!

Note: You can use the complete design to implement on your own or purchase Step 3 (Design Solution) to let us take care of everything! The best part? We even apply your design fee in full to the cost of the Design Solution if you are moving forward with us.

How we design

Our designs are crisp, clean, elegant, practical, timeless, bold, tailored, polished, rustic, a mixture of old and new and global depending on what suits you. 

  • Our approach is collaborative.
  • We incorporate pieces you want to keep. 
  • We define how to get the most bang for your buck. We'll figure out where to splurge and where to save. 
  • When you buy the best quality you can afford, you cry only once.
  • We add attitude and personality that tells the world who you are.
  • We create a unique mix of the things you love.

What you get

A complete design plan including:

  • Style analysis 
  • Furniture plan
  • Drawings to visualize the space
  • Paint color selections
  • Fabric and other finish samples
  • Selection of furniture, accessories and lighting 
  • All details to finish your space
  • Cost to implement 

Wish you could just wave a magic wand? Well, we can't exactly do that but hiring us for the full implementation might just be the closest thing! We'll execute the entire design from sourcing through installation. You'll get a luxury service at a fair price that includes the cost of all furnishings. The only thing you have to do is plan an event to show off your new space to family and friends when we're done!

How we work

You've approved the design, now what? We eliminate the stress of implementing all of the steps. You can trust that your project is in the best hands. You'll have no worries because you hired us as experts. Plus, since the implementation costs have already been calculated and agreed upon upfront, there'll be no ugly surprises or cost overruns.  

What we do

  • Sourcing
  • Ordering
  • Expediting
  • Project Management 
  • Trades 
  • Scheduling
  • Installation
  • The Reveal

Design Solutions

Our flat fee pricing includes absolutely everything! From the cost of all furnishings, all accessories, our design fee, the reveal, every minor detail and task needed to transform your home into your dream space.