Stuck in the Bathroom

Stuck in the Bathroom

Let us start by saying it's not what you think. We're actually talking about Iris' favorite household technology, her Roomba. She loves her Roomba. He wakes up promptly every day at 10 a.m. to vacuum her downstairs and when he's done, he recharges himself. (Yup, the Roomba is a "he.")

He's usually extremely self-sufficient. However, last year, he inadvertently hit the door while vacuuming the powder room, closing it behind him. Iris happened to be at home when the incident went down and at first she didn't pay attention to him and assumed he was diligently vacuuming. In reality, he was spinning his wheels for quite some time before she opened the door and let him out.

Has this happened to you before? Have you ever embarked on a DIY project thinking it would be easy and straightforward only to get stuck, spinning your wheels, not making progress? 

"But I can't afford to hire an interior designer!"

I think everyone will agree that getting some expert guidance and direction upfront, having a clear plan and being able to anticipate potential problems and pitfalls isn't just "nice to have" but can save lots of time, stress and money! Of course, the question is, what's the best type of help for a small budget?

Most interior designers charge on an hourly basis. Perhaps you're wondering with average hourly rates ranging from $100 per hour to well over $500, how do I pick the right interior designer? How do I find someone who can educate me and someone who understands my vision and what I want to accomplish by myself?  

Well, we know that sometimes we all need a little bit of help, even Roomba. With the realization that many people simply can't afford to hire a full-time interior designer (or make costly mistakes because they don't know what they don't know), all of our design services start with an inexpensive strategy session – our Design Shrink. This isn't about us meeting with you (in the powder room or elsewhere in your home) to help you pick a paint color. This is about discussing your bigger and broader goals. Essentially, it's about freeing Roomba from the bathroom. We share our decades of interior design expertise, giving you a strategic plan, aiding you in deciding where it makes sense to splurge and where to save money and sharing a few of our tricks of the trade. We help you figure out that while you thought you liked "traditional," you actually like something completely different: a style that's uniquely yours. 

Sometime you just need a little bit of blunt honesty to avoid ideas that are this bad!

Sometime you just need a little bit of blunt honesty to avoid ideas that are this bad!

And best of all? All of our services are priced on a fixed-fee basis! We simply don't believe in having the clock running when we talk. Nobody likes that! Instead, we developed a very reasonably priced, flat-fee Design Shrink package. Picture yourself lying on your couch asking us any question you might have, even the ones you can't think of, which we'll answer anyway! (Ok, we lied. We really don't want you to lie down. Sitting suits us just fine 😉).

After our Design Shrink meeting and the follow-up brief we prepare for you, you can move forward with more knowledge and confidence, continuing on your own if that works for you and your wallet. Or, if you prefer, then hire us for step two, our Design Blueprint, to develop a detailed design plan or outsource your entire project to us. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

When's the last time you got stuck?

All successful projects   begin with a strategy and interior design is no different .

All successful projects begin with a strategy and interior design is no different.