Meet Millennial Modern

                                                                          Via the  Zoe Report

                                                                          Via the Zoe Report

We know, we know, it's millennial this and millennial that but hear us out, we did give birth to a horde of millennials after all. Every generation has given rise to a few defining styles and we've been seeing a very distinct aesthetic favored by our clients in the under-35 crowd, our kids and the design world in general. We're coining it "Millennial Modern." The style borrows elements of midcentury modern but adds a fresh, airy, updated feel. While it's minimal and uncluttered, it's far from sterile. It's the style Don Draper would have preferred had he lived in California, had access to Tumblr and Instagram and wasn't afraid to embrace his softer side. We're loving millennial modern because it's clean with unique touches making it the perfect marriage of Christine's preference for modern design and Iris' penchant for more bold, eclectic spaces. 

                             Via  Studio Oink

                             Via Studio Oink

Millennial modern is, well, modern, hence the name, but it's not austere. There's a focus on making spaces warm and welcoming without the excessive amount of "stuff." Think streamlined pieces with clean lines and Scandinavian sensibilities combined with soft colors like pink, gray, blue and lots of white. Then, mix in brass accents, just a touch of bling, furry pillows or throws (which no longer just come in beige by the way), a few thoughtful accessories and artistic elements. Yes, "millennial pink" comes into play, but love or hate the term you have to admit it's a cultural phenomenon that does a decent job of illustrating the millennial aesthetic. Much like the shades of blush with beige undertones that have taken over the world, millennial modern has an air of what's been traditionally considered feminine over the past few decades. However, it turns the notion on its head and is actually quite gender neutral. It's pretty but definitely not frilly.

                                                                               Via  Anthropologie

                                                                               Via Anthropologie

                                                                   By Little Liberty via  Adore Magazine

                                                                   By Little Liberty via Adore Magazine

Maybe it's in response to seeing the stress clutter causes (we weren't exactly part of the tchotchke-free generation) or it's because younger people tend to flock to urban areas where homes and apartments are smaller, but another key component of millennial modern is that it's simple and organized. It involves maximizing living area with smart, sleek pieces. Everything has its purpose and a premium is placed on function and comfort. It's restrained but vibrant and still interesting and we're definitely into it. 

                                                                          By  Emily Henderson

                                                                          By Emily Henderson

Incorporating a few elements of millennial modern style into your space is an awesome way to lighten things up. It can also allow you to indulge in your midcentury modern obsession without turning your house into a retro paradise by putting a fresh twist on it. Whether you're ready to go full force on the trend or you want to steal bits and pieces, we've got you covered.