We're passionate about design. We believe it's about interpreting our clients' goals and personality through a creative, artistic lens to express a clear point of view. We envision a space complete, leaving no detail to chance!
It's more than a business for us. It's about the positive impact, happiness and memories we can bring to our clients' daily lives! 

Christine & Iris


Meet the Founders


Christine Piscani

My love for architecture and design started as a child living in New York City. From the stained-glass windows and ornate floors in my local church to the stunningly wallpapered ceiling in a relative’s home, each beautiful exposure played a role in influencing my design aesthetic. It was probably the inspiration gained during these early encounters that led me as a newlywed to confidently request the removal of a load bearing wall and the shift of a window in my new home. The result was stunning and soon, I plunged myself into renovation projects that led to a beautiful, much appreciated home. 

Armed with this experience and my love of working with people, I pursued a degree in interior design. While still in school, I started working at a hospitality design firm. Over the next 5 years, I honed my design skills. From designing ballrooms with intricate coffered ceilings and extensive architectural details to a private school for pre-k through 8th grade students, to renovating a rehabilitation-physical therapy facility, each project has allowed me to creatively think outside the box. My technical expertise, combined with my attention to detail enables me to create and meticulously implement stunning, beautiful and well-thought out spaces that positively impact and benefit how it's occupants work, live and play. 

As a designer, I collaborate with talented contractors, vendors and artisans to design and create visual masterpieces for our clients that are not only beautiful but also functional; meeting and exceeding each clients' unique needs, hopes and dreams.  

When I’m not designing, I love spending time with my husband, two sons and extended family sharing my love for good food, entertaining and football!  Oh, and a little mix of yoga helps me stay centered to keep those creative juices flowing.

Christine is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. She is also a member the New Jersey Chapter of ASID and has served as Co-Chair of the Student Affairs Committee.


Iris Houlihan

My formal entry into the design community may be less than ten years young, but my entire life in retrospect appears to have been training me to emerge as a creative designer who excels at solving challenging design dilemmas. Growing up in Germany, frequent family moves with changing homes served as the perfect backdrop for me to choose color schemes, wallpaper, fabrics and details, or even employ my sewing skills. I parlayed these skills to create a stunning home for my husband and three children in suburban New Jersey, a continent away from where my early tastes and design aesthetics were developed. 

And then came the freak accident: A fire (thankfully with no injuries) that led to my dream home being burnt to the ground. The experience was heartbreaking but it also afforded me the opportunity to build and design a new home from the ground-up, learning about each building block in-depth along the way. And this led to my calling. After a 25-year detour that allowed me to hone my process and project management skills, it was as if life told me to return to what I loved most and was meant to do, which is creating visual stories and working with my hands. I went back to school again, this time for design and also became a registered General Contractor in New Jersey. 

As a designer, each space I've brought to life has seen a perfect merger of right and left brain skills! A beautiful harmony that has tapped into my practical, detail-oriented European upbringing and project management experience, while allowing my creative side to be unique and unconventional in the American way.  

In my downtime, you can catch me spending time with my two sons and daughter, my quiet husband, and a few rescue pets who liven things up. And on a good day you can find me riding King, my horse! 

Iris is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. She is registered in the State of NJ as a General Contractor with HIC Number 13VH07328300.